Thanks Ronald McDonald: Fast Food Chain Saved Economy From Negative Job Rate

During Friday’s unemployment numbers report it was discovered that only 54,000 jobs were created last month, while that number shows a decidedly bad turn for the economy, it gets even worse when we realize it was McDonald’s who forced a positive sales growth report.

The fast food giant held a nationwide hiring fair that created 62,000 jobs, which means all of the created jobs created were at or near minimum wage.

Alex Goldmark at Good points out:

“That’s what makes today’s numbers all the more depressing,” and “If it weren’t for the country’s largest restaurant chain going on a burger flipper binge, the reports wouldn’t say ‘sharp slowdown’ they’d say ‘reversal’ or ‘devastating.'”

Take away McDonald’s from the mix and we have an economy that would have lost 8,000 jobs.

Does that creepy Ronald McDonald picture I put up freak anyone else out? Where are his arms!