Sienna Miller And Daniel Craig Affair: Jude Law Knew All About It

A heated hacking trial is currently underway at the Old Bailey in London, related to the affair that Layer Cake star Sienna Miller had with Daniel Craig (James Bond) while she was married to Jude Law.

The now defunct British newspaper, The News of the World, employed a writer named Dan Evans in 2005 who waged a campaign against a host of celebrities by allegedly employing less than legal — and certainly non-tasteful — methods for getting a scoop.

Jude Law was asked some difficult questions in the courtroom regarding his former fiancee Sienna Miller and her affair with co-actor Daniel Craig. Law revealed that he had a heated screaming match with Craig on the phone after he found out he was sleeping with Miller.

But the story was more complex than that, and took on many different twists and turns. After The News of the World broke the story, the Daily Mail followed up with a story that Law deserved what he got following an alleged affair he had with Sienna Miller’s nanny, Daisy Wright.

Timothy Langdale, the defense attorney, asked Law, “No doubt you expressed your views (in the call with Craig)?” He responded, “I did, yes. We had known each other many, many years. So the conversation took on all sorts of turns.”

The court also heard that Law had asked Craig to confess the affair with Miller to his then-girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, who Craig later married in 2007.

The reporter, Evans, said in court that he had been bullied by his editors to come up with highly controversial celebrity stories: “I remember being monstered by (NotW journalist). He sent me an email saying ‘If you do not come up with a front page story you might as well jump off a cliff’.”

He said that when he hacked into Daniel Craig’s voicemail he heard a woman’s voice saying: “Hi, it’s me. Cannot speak, I’m at the Groucho with Jude.”

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the landmark hacking case regarding Sienna Miller will be at the Old Bailey in London, and whether or not the newspaper will be found guilty. The trial continues.