Jessica Ciencin Henriquez Splits From Josh Lucas After 22 Months, Why?

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez has split from her husband of 22 months, actor Josh Lucas.

The couple have a 19 month old son named Noah Rev Maurer, so Jessica was well and truly pregnant at the time of the marriage. While that fact may have absolutely no relevance to the breakup, it is a factor that people speculate about when trying to understand what happened – in the absence of any firm reasons being given at this time.

Josh, 42, whose most recent role was in the movie Big Sur, met Jessica, 28, at a New York dog park in 2011.

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez is a New York City based freelance writer, best known for her novel, “Lies I’ve Told My Therapist.” She once described her first meeting with Josh in an interview with the Huffington Post: “It was one of those weird… classic New York meetings. I don’t believe in love at first sight at all, but lightning definitely struck.”

Jessica and Josh had only been dating for a relatively short time when she told him that she had cervical cancer. Josh replied: “Well that’s going to be a problem for me… Because I’m already in this.”

She recalled that they were at his apartment, and she remembers thinking, “I have to tell him or I have to walk away, because this is something big and this could be a relationship. I just blurted out, ‘I’m sick,’ and he was the first person I told.”

During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in January 2012, Lucas revealed he knew Henriquez was “the one” when the couple encountered a mountain lion on a retreat. “I see the very slight glint of the eyes of a huge [mountain lion] and I literally proceed to do what I had just read in the instructions.”

He added: “And I started screaming and yelling and literally being as crazy as I could be, it padded off and just slowly went away and I worked my way into the trailer and I got in and I decided at that moment that this woman was the woman for me.”

They got married in March 2012, in a small ceremony in the Conservatory Garden in New York City.

Jessica spoke about how the relationship developed throughout the treatment of her illness: “I felt like there was a 100 percent commitment and support during the whole thing. I was falling in love with him while I was starting treatment.”

Baby Noah came along just 4 months into the marriage, and, at that time, Lucas gushed to People Magazine about the joys of fatherhood: “Everyone says it’s the greatest adventure you’ll ever have and I’m amazed at how much I’m loving it,” he said.

So, on the surface, an idyllic partnership. What changed?

Sadly, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez and Josh Lucas now become yet another divorce statistic.

Still, by Hollywood standards, 22 months is par for the course!

Image: Anthony Behar/Rex