Murder Charge Filed In Purdue University Shooting

Prosecutors have filed a murder charge against the Purdue University student accused of killing one person during the a shooting on the campus on Tuesday. The Inquisitr previously reported that the Purdue University shooting left one student dead.

According to ABC News, the Tippecanoe County prosecutor’s office filed the charge against Cody Cousins, 23, shortly before a scheduled initial court hearing. Cousins is accused of murdering Andrew Boldt, 22 of West Bend, Wisconsin. Court documents say that Boldt suffered both knife and gunshot wounds when he was attacked around 12:30 PM Tuesday.

The shooting occurred in the basement of Purdue University’s Electrical Engineering Building. USA Today stated that both Boldt and Cousins worked in the department as undergraduate teaching assistants.

Police believe that the Cousins seemed to specifically target Boldt and according to earlier reports, Cousin was seen quickly leaving the building after Cousins shot him. Police stated that when they arrived they saw Cousins sitting on the ground outside of the building with his hands behind his head. He reportedly had blood on his hands and his clothing.

While police believe that Cousins did target Boldt, they have yet to identify a motive behind the fatal shooting. According to ABC News, police have yet to find many connections between Boldt and Cousins. “Both Cousins and Boldt were seniors, and police identified Boldt as a teaching assistant. Documents posted on the engineering school’s website also listed Cousins as a teaching assistant.”

Several people who knew Cousins have come forward and said that he is both a friendly and a very rude person. Andrew Matyasovski, a senior engineering major who lived next door to Cousins, told USA Today that Cousins was a friendly neighbor, the last guy he would suspect of violence.


“He just seemed like a pretty normal college student,” Matyasovski said. “I would have never imagined anything like this happening.”

Another individual, Ashley Eidsmore, a graduate teaching assistant in the engineering school, said that her lab mates who worked closely with him said he was an “just all-around rude individual.” Professor Thomas Talavage worked with Cousins and said he had a tendency of being “intense and aggressive” about his projects.

“He didn’t like to be told he was wrong,” Talavage said. “He tended to be more aggressive in his debating and tended to be more convinced he was right.”

Cousins is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon to face his charges. He has been held without bond in the Tippecanoe County Jail. Andrew Boldt’s funeral will be held Tuesday, one week after the Purdue University Shooting.