Kim Kardashian Employs A ‘Booty Tailor’ In Case Of Fashion Emergencies [Rumor]

Kim Kardashian reportedly keeps a “booty tailor” on-call in case her famous rump causes any fashion emergencies that need addressing.

Chances are, this person was quickly summoned to the scene of the accident that occurred ahead of her recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime chat how. The Inquisitr previously reported that Kardashian ripped her dress moments before her scheduled chat.

According to reports, Kim Kardashian spends upwards of $5,000 a day to keep the so-called “booty tailor” around at all times. The reality television supposedly star pays professional tailor Cornelius Clay $4,964 every 24 hours to keep her behind looking absolutely fantastic.

“Kim already spends thousands of dollars on her jeans. But it’s important to her that they fit perfectly,” an anonymous source recently dished.

The insider added, “She could get alterations done for free at Neiman’s but she and Kanye didn’t feel that was good enough so have employed his stylist and tailor, Cornelius Clay, to make alterations when needed. It means Kim can buy jeans, have the, altered and be photographed in them within a matter of hours.”

Since Kim Kardashian has a tiny waist (size four) and a sizable behind (size 10), it’s often difficult to find clothes that fit her properly and comfortably. In order to stay picture perfect all the time, Kanye West’s fiancé keeps Clay on-hand to fix any and all problems associated with her famous curves.

“Cornelius can make a [cheap] pair of jeans look like they’ve just come off the runway. Kim is very curvy. She has a size 4 waist and a 10 bottom, so she often has to buy a size up and have jeans taken in at the waist for a snug fit. She’s only five-foot-two, so they’re often taken up a few inches,” the source continued.

Kim Kardashian could have used a tailor during a recent wardrobe malfunction at Paris Fashion Week. While grabbing a bite to eat with controversial rapper Kanye West, the Keep Up with the Kardashian star’s stylish jumpsuit unexpectedly popped open. This gave everyone a good look at her bra and some cleavage.

Here’s are the money shots.

What do you think about the rumors that Kim Kardashian keeps a “booty tailor” on-call in case of fashion-related emergencies?

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