Tuition In $1 Bills? Utah Student Makes His Point!

A student in Utah decided to make a point by paying for his college tuition in $1 bills. 21-year-old Luq Mughal decided that he was going to protest the heavy price of tuition, at least in his way, by paying in the way he did.

Luq spoke to the Daily Utah Chronicle about his plight: “I had to pull some serious strings to even get everything to pay for my tuition this semester, and I wanted it to feel worthwhile. I decided that … I would feel a little better if I did it like that,” he said.

It almost seems that students are dissuaded from joining colleges who require many thousands of dollars for their courses and make hopeful students stand in line for more than three hours when it comes time to sign up.

Luq Mughal is a very busy 21-year-old. He already attends classes 10 hours a day on weekdays and works long shifts at his local Home Depot on the weekend.

Tuition in $1 bills

Even though Luq decided that he was going to make life a little difficult for the administration workers at the university billing department, his intention was to make a point about the exorbitant college fees.

He said that while he was waiting in line a number of other students were peeking over his shoulder, wondering what he had in the chest he was carrying. “Everyone was peeking over my shoulder when I opened the chest,” he said.

Lug went into more detail as to why he decided to pay his tuition in $1 bills:


When you spend cash, you feel every dollar that you hand over to someone else. You feel that you’re losing that. If you just swipe your card, it could be 10,000 or 100,000 bucks and you don’t really feel it. When you actually slide over a huge pile of cash, you really feel like you’ve spent that. That’s your money, and you also want to make that worthwhile by doing well in school.

It’s clear that Luq Mughal is a student with a lot of passion and isn’t scared to speak his mind about things that are important to him. He told the Salt Lake Tribune that he wished more students would have paid for their tuition in $1 bills.

“If everyone here brought a chest of money like this, I’m sure by the end of the day, there would be a lot of people talking about it that could actually make a difference in what we are paying for tuition,” he said.

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