J. Cole Is Really Kind Of A Jerk, Says Wale

J. Cole is apparently kind of a jerk. At least that’s what Wale has to say on the subject.

Although the rappers are good friends, that doesn’t necessarily mean Wale isn’t going to tell you like it is. Despite the fact that J. Cole is “more of a jerk” than Wale, people seem to adore the rapper anyway. However, Wale is okay with that.

“People love [J. Cole] and Cole’s a jerk, yo. That’s one of my best friends though, but [J. Cole] is a jerk too. He’s a jerk. He’s more of a jerk than me. He’s just quiet. He’s quiet. He’s light-skinned. I’m like black ass, D.C. loud. Let’s just let it be known now that I’m not gonna be a media darling,” Wale told The Breakfast Club.

He continued, “I’m not gon’ be Janelle Monae. You know what I’m saying? Janelle Monae talented as f***. We can do the same amount of numbers, but she can get ‘Good Morning America.’ A ‘Saturday Night Live.’ She can get to sit on Letterman or something like that. We can do the same amount, but I ain’t getting none of that. So, I’ve accepted it.”

In addition to discussing J. Cole and his jerkiness, Wale also discussed his competitive nature. When it comes to making music, he approaches everything as a sport. This explains why he got a little testy when Complex left him out of the 50 Best Albums of 2013.

“I like the sport, yo. I played sports my whole life. So, I like the competitive nature. You know what I’m saying? I like the sport of rhyming. I want to have quadruple entendres on certain records,” Wale explained during the recent interview.

The rapper continued, “And everybody to be rewinding ’em. And it be in the locker room or at the lunch table talking about ‘You heard what he said?’ That’s what I care about… It’s just a combination of things, but I’m in a place now where it’s like I’m at bat trying again to do it.”

VH1 recently tapped J. Cole to play one of several concerts set in New York City later this month. According to Billboard, the rapper will take part in the VH1 Super Bowl Blitz on January 27 at Queens College. Also scheduled to help out are Janelle Monae (January 28) and Fall Out Boy (January 29).

Are you a fan of J. Cole? What do you think about Wale saying that the rapper is a jerk?