One Direction: Liam Payne Lambasted Over ‘Duck Dynasty’ Tweet

One Direction singer Liam Payne facing backlash over his support for Duck Dynasty. The boy band singer took to Twitter to explain to fans that because he offered support for the hit show, that did not mean the he supported reality star Phil Robertson’s controversial comments. The former football star and veteran’s interview answers sparked heated debate after some viewed his sentiments as anti-gay and racist.

Liam Payne, 20, appeared to anger his fans after sending a complimentary tweet to Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson. The One Direction singer offered supportive words about the family values highlighted on the A&E reality show and for the success of the Robertson’s successful business ventures as well.

The boy band singer tweeted:

“Huge love to you/your family huge respect for our business prosperities and the family values you still all behold. Big fan.”

Gay rights activist and YouTube personality Tyler Oakley quickly fired back via the social networking website. Oakley told his nearly two million followers that he was disappointed in the One Direction singer’s tweet. “Very confused and disappointed by this. This literally changes everything,” Oakley posted.

A series of tweets by Liam Payne responding to angry comments reads:

“And I know I’m plating into your hands writing these tweets but I’m sick of stupid stories its time you all grow up. I can’t do anything without being judged you try that and write about it. What I gotta do to please you b******s I’m a 20 year old just living life as you did when you were twenty but in extraordinary circumstances. Oh my God can someone literally not be a fan of a show without being labeled? WTF, I bought dinner the other day and it made a news story. Being a fan of someone’s show and the way they still hold a family together doesn’t mean I am ok with all they say. I’m off. Love you all. Sick of all this bull. I will be back again when the freedom of speech law is back and people don’t believe too much into the b******t they read.”

Neil McNeil, another YouTube personality also shared his angst over Payne’s Duck Dynasty comments on Twitter. McNeil tweeted, “Like for real though if that tweet from @Real_Liam_Payne is legit he’s made a huge mistake. You realize how many gay fans 1D has, right?”

The One Direction singer lashed out at bloggers and journalists who he claimed twisted his words into something far more significant than he intended. Some 1D fans reportedly leapt to Payne’s defense after the Duck Dynasty tweets.

[Image Via: Helga Esteb]