Monster Drinks Lawsuit Says Caffeine Dangerous If Energy Drinks Marketed To Kids

Patrick Frye

A Monster drinks lawsuit may be possible if prosecutors discover the Monster energy drinks have been marketed to children.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the city of San Francisco filed a lawsuit over Monster drinks being marketed to kids before.

The original lawsuit over the Monster drinks was actually a race to the courts. Monster apparently heard their business practices were being investigated by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, so they preemptively sued the city. San Francisco then sued them right back.

In a statement from May of 2013, Herrera explained the reason they were investigating was solely because of Monster drinks' caffeine levels:

"Monster Energy is unique among energy drink makers for the extent to which it targets children and youth in its marketing, despite the known risks its products pose to young people's health and safety. Consumption of highly caffeinated energy drinks by children has been widely condemned by pediatricians and scientists, and the NCAA has banned its member institutions from providing these products even to college athletes because of the grave safety risks."
"We are disappointed that Monster has remained defiant in marketing products to children. We hope this effort will cause the company to correct its irresponsible marketing practices."