Devil Baby Attack Unleashed On Unsuspecting NYC For ‘Devil’s Due’ Viral Campaign

You’re an unsuspecting New Yorker, minding your own business when you happen upon an unattended stroller, the wailing cries of a child in need keening from within. Being a responsible, caring individual, you check it out to make sure nothing’s the matter.

Wrong move.

That’s a Devil Baby and it’s about to ATTACK!

This Devil Baby sits bolt upright, screaming and staring into your soul. In its demonic carriage, the Devil Baby travels crowded NYC sidewalks, popping up and puking and showing zero respect for the authority of law enforcement, if that tiny, not-so-adorable middle finger at the 1:36 mark is indicative. This Devil Baby is on a terrifying mission to make sure the City that Never Sleeps couldn’t manage too even if it tried.

This Devil Baby is… animatronic and remote-controlled and frickin’ amazing!

Published Tuesday, the video “Devil Baby Attack” comes to the Web from the YouTube account DevilsDueNYC. Looks like another viral marketing campaign for a horror movie, as horror film Devil’s Due comes out this Friday.

And just like the Carrie Prank video, it’s pretty awesome.

An animatronic “devil baby” in a remote controlled stroller goes on a rampage through the streets of New York City and hidden cameras record people’s reactions.

Devil’s Due has flown under the radar, with a cast of mostly unknowns, but if the fledgling filmmakers show as much promise as the crew hired to terrorize the Big Apple with Devil Baby Attacks, it might be worth a watch.

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