Justin Bieber’s New Hidden Musical Tattoo Amid Selena Gomez Speculation

Justin Bieber loves a tattoo. This we know. He also recently declared his continuing affection for his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Since the weekend the 19-year-old has unveiled several inkings – one of which, a spelling of the word “Love” – had sparked more talk that the pair may have reunited.

Most reports put Bieber’s body art count at 23.

But although he posted three photos to his Instagram account, the singer also had a fourth design inked which ups that to 24.

Bieber has a new jester tattoo on his right forearm, which he later had colored in.

Previously, we mused the the pop prince could be reminding himself to see the bright side of things, after a disappointing box office for his new movie Believe and being named in a vandalism investigation.

The black jester sits below an existing tattoo of a Japanese kanji symbol for music, reportedly inked in July 2012.

Justin Bieber's Gets Joker Tattoo
The “Love” lettering is set adjacent to the jester, which may suggest Justin is saying he loves a laugh more than expressing deep and meaningfuls about Gomez.

The speculation is only to be expected after the ex-couple were snapped riding Segways in Bieber’s Calabasas, Calif. neighborhood on January 2.

Two days later, he posted an Instagram of the twosome snuggling, captioned: “Love the way you look at me.”

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Snuggle On Instagrama
Justin and Selena also allegedly recently enjoyed a camping trip in Santa Cruz, reportedly in Chris Brown’s luxury Prevost RV. They were spotted at a camping site and beach resort by multiple eyewitnesses.

There’s been no official statement that the ex-sweethearts are back together, in fact sources deny that they are. But perhaps Bieber’s tattoo gives the game away.

Justin Bieber Unveils 'Love' Tattoo
After Kelly Osbourne’s surprise graffiti session with the Canadian, she offered her take on the “Jelena” saga during a recent episode of “Fashion Police” which she co-hosts.

“Selena is so gorgeous, and so smart, and she’s a real lady. If they do grow up together, they will eventually make the perfect couple,” Kelly observed, “but I think they’re allowed to be together, then not be together, be together. They’ll figure themselves out. Let it be.”

Justin also has a new compass tattoo, offers obvious ‘looking for direction’ associations. It jostles for position on the singer’s left tricep and adds to his almost full sleeve.

Justin Bieber Gets A ' Compass' Tattoo
And the surprise?

A small treble clef inking – a traditional motif used to denote the upper register of a musical scale – lies tucked behind the singer’s left ear.

Justin Bieber Gets New Fourth Tattoo Over Busy Weekend

(Photo: via @MilkTyson Instagram)

Now on a break after wrapping his Believe world tour amid a drama-filled year, it’s safe to assume there’ll be a lot more tattoos to come in Bieber’s immediate future.

He’s coming for your title Rod Steiger.

Justin Bieber Getting Inked

(Photo: via Milk Tyson Instagram).