Justin Bieber Gets A New ‘Eagle’ Tattoo, Looks Like A Bad Ass

Justin Bieber has a new tattoo.

This time, it’s a huge eagle beneath a cloud. Located at the top of the star’s already heavily-inked left arm, it edges the 19-year-old a step closer to a full sleeve and brings his tat count to 2,100.

Okay, it’s not that high, but it’s in the mid-20s at least.

Currently moving through dates on the last leg of his Believe tour in Australia, Bieber gave fans a heads-up about the impending ink after his final concert at Sydney’s AllPhones Arena Saturday.

The illustrated teen tweeted,

“Just got off stage bout to get tatted (sic),” also including a link to the “Shots Of Me” social media network he has invested in.

Shortly after, Justin posted an obligatory Instagram of the said tattooing session, replete with retro hair sweep and a pained but camera-ready expression.

Over in the Bieber blogosphere, speculation about the new tat led to some interesting options.

One, in particular, imagined the Canadian getting a marijuana leaf inked.

(Photo: Instagram, no caption).

But it was not to be.

Earlier today, the singer uploaded a “Zoolander” Instagram of himself adorned with the eagle and cloud burst. The first of these was uncaptioned.

Like most tattooed folk, Justin seems to take his ink seriously, investing meaning in the body art he chooses. A quick gander of websites dedicated to decoding such things offers similar possibilities.

Most will associate the bald eagle to a symbol of American pride. Various “Shaman” sources suggest eagles are a “power animal” symbolizing spirit, vision and strength.

Other qualities are an ability to rise above the material to the spiritual and connect with magic and grace and an ability to view challenges from a higher, deeper perspective.

(Photo: Instagram, captioned “Fresh New Tat”).

All of the above would certainly come in handy for Bieber right about now, if not before.

The singer’s tour began last September in Glendale, Arizona, somewhat inauspiciously with a bout of sickness mid-performance.

Back then, Justin’s infamous “tough week” in London, the Mally the monkey saga, neighbor trouble in Calabasas, Anne Frank, endless speculation about ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, incident-prone bodyguards, a mop bucket, a brothel visit, a viral “sleeping” video, graffiti wars, and strip clubs — was all still to come.

(Photo: Instagram, captioned “Eagle”).

Current perspectives on Bieber’s tour spectrum between extremes of “failed” to monetarily mega-successful, and certainly millions of Beliebers have no complaints.

But, taking a lead from the singer’s eagle tattoo, perhaps a wider view is that his definition-defying trek has never been anything less than absolutely compelling.

To see Justin’s other ink work click here.

(Photo: Instagram, captioned “Yep”).

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