Jacqueline Bisset Golden Globe Acceptance Speech Was Awkward

Jacqueline Bisset gave a really awkward acceptance speech at the 2014 Golden Globes after winning Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie.

No one is sure exactly what was going on with the 69-year-old British actress at the time she came on stage to accept her award.

Some believe Jacqueline Bisset was genuinely shocked at being awarded the Golden Globe, others have suggested that she was intoxicated.

First, it was odd how long the Dancing On The Edge star took to actually get up on stage, though to her defense, the way the walk-up was designed affected everyone -- perhaps organizers were trying to avoid a Jennifer Lawrence slip-up moment.

Then there was the fact of the actual speech -- if one can call it that -- that didn't make much sense.

Jacqueline Bisset appeared to be out of words, and while she still looks amazing at her age, it didn't seem her thoughts were all that cohesive.

"I'm absolutely shaking. I can't believe this." a seemingly nervous Jacqueline Bisset told the captive audience as the camera panned showing Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, and Jon Voigt among others watching the moment.

"They nominated me five-times." she continued, obviously struggling to come up with something else to say.

"Okay...Scottish background to the front." Jacqueline Bisset added while continuing her "speech". She even used bad language, which actually made it in the broadcast.

Of course, social media noticed almost instantly and the comments sum up how most felt watching the awkward moment, while the speculation continues as to whether Jacqueline Bisset was drunk.

You get the idea. Most people will agree that Jacqueline Bisset's speech at the Golden Globes was awkward, however one of the funniest tweets that came as a result was the one sent by Ellen DeGeneres.

What do you think happened to Jacqueline Bisset during her acceptance speech?