Is Britney Spears Spending $5K On A Micro Diamond Yorkie?

Britney Spears is ready and willing to add another dog to her family. According to reports, the singer will drop around $5,000 to bring the new dog home.

Being a celebrity in this day and age means every single detail of your personal life is under the proverbial microscope. So when you decide to spend approximately $5,000 on a new pooch, chances are people will know about it. However, this certainly isn't the first time Spears has spent some serious cash on a dog.

Britney Spears has taken trips to Star Yorkie in search of pooches before. Although a Micro Diamond might sound like some sort of high-end jewelry, it's actually a special breed of teacup Yorkies. The singer and boyfriend David Lucado recently visited the company in hopes of picking up a new furry friend.

"[The couple] was very nice and really close to each other the whole time. They seemed like a very, very happy couple holding puppies, looking around because we have a lot of puppies. No matter how sad you are, you can never be depressed looking at puppies," a Star Yorkie employee told E! Online.

The shop's owner also told Radar Online that Britney Spears and her boyfriend were incredibly friendly during their visit. Although the singer is obviously in the market for another dog, the couple haven't decided on a new pooch at the moment.

"She was in a great mood and seemed happy playing with the puppies. They left empty-handed, but I wouldn't be surprised if they come back for Diamond," the owner explained.

Britney Spears reportedly said that she and David Lucado aren't quite ready to make a decision on the dog just yet. Once they've had some time to think everything over, they could return at some point in the near future to acquire the puppy. Spears previously purchased a Yorkie and a Maltese from the business in the past.

Here's how the Star Yorkie describes the dogs. To check out pictures and discover more information about the pooches, stop by the company's official website.

"A Micro Diamond Yorkie is an absolutely gorgeous puppy with a personality that is a lot larger then her size. Her small size lets you bring her with you everywhere you go without anyone noticing, so you never have to worry about leaving this precious diamond at home."

What do you think about Britney Spears spending $5,000 on a tiny, Micro Diamond Yorkie?

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