Britney Spears Album Gets Bad Reviews, But She Isn’t Allowed To Read Them [Rumor]

Britney Spears hasn’t received the best reviews for her latest release Britney Jean. Depending on who you choose to believe, the singer is currently shielded from seeing any of these negative write-ups.

Since the singer is hard at work preparing for her Las Vegas residency, Britney’s handlers are reportedly protecting her from the bevy of bad reviews the album received since its release last week. Of course, nothing about this report was officially confirmed by anyone associated with the singer as of this writing.

Where did these reports originate? All fingers are pointing directly at the folks over at Radar Online. The website claims that an anonymous source spilled the beans about the protective bubble currently surrounding Britney Spears.

“Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, and father, Jamie, won’t allow her to see any of the bad reviews. Britney doesn’t even have access to the internet and lives in a bubble! Her team will allow her to believe that the album is being well received,” the insider dished to the outlet.

The nameless individual added, “No one wants to upset Britney. If she were to read anything negative, it could send her into a bad tailspin and both Larry and Jamie know that can’t happen with her upcoming shows in Vegas about to launch.”

Although this rumor arrived from the lips of one of those conveniently anonymous sources, it’s not completely unrealistic that people wouldn’t want Britney Spears to read some of these negative reviews. Judging from some of the write-ups posted at Metacritic, several critics aren’t impressed their her recent effort.

“Despite the absence of longtime producer Max Martin and his associates, the album is a surprisingly retrograde affair, with midtempo tracks marred by dated production and vocals that hark back to the days when Brit was selling 10 million,” the folks at Slant Magazine explained in their critique.

“Nothing on the record comes across as natural, and it’s not until the album’s iTunes bonus tracks — ‘Brightest Morning Star’ and ‘Now That I Found You’ in particular — that Spears sounds like she’s singing for herself. But, on the album proper, neither the pop figurehead nor the real woman behind it can be found,” Consequence of Sound opined.

What do Britney Spears fans think about the album? Check out some 140-character Britney Jean reviews below. As you can tell, it’s still a mixed bag.

What do you think about the Britney Spears album Britney Jean?

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