Kevin Durant Smoking Pic Hits Twitter, Phone Hacking Excuses Ensue

A pic of Kevin Durant smoking from a hookah arrived out-of-the-blue on his Twitter feed Friday (January 10). However, the basketball player claims he isn't responsible for the tweet.

While Durant freely admitted that it's him blowing a huge cloud of smoke into the air, he insists that someone else posted the image on Twitter. According to the Oklahoma City Thunder forward, someone hacked his phone and shared the pic with the entire world.

"Yoooo somebody hacked my phone though... it's blowing me, not my Twitter my phone," Kevin Durant said when news of the smoking photo started making the rounds on social media.

Not only did the alleged hacker post the image on Twitter, Durant claims the culprit also sent some incredibly nasty messages to members of his family. If someone did manage to gain access to the basketball star's contact list, then they wasted no time trying to make his life unpleasant.

"Texting my contacts crazy messages, my mom, dad, brother... disrespecting them... how can you do that," he explained to his followers on Twitter.

While some people were quick to accuse Kevin Durant of accidentally posting the smoking pic himself, teammate Nick Collison said he was with Durant when the image arrived on Twitter. According to Collison, there's really no way Kevin could have issued the tweet from his phone.

"I saw the tweet come up on my timeline when he was outside the bus going through TSA security. He didn't send it. Very weird," Collison explained.

Here's the photo that caused all the problems on Friday. Some folks would have you believe that Kevin Durant was smoking pot in the pic, but that's just a rumor.

Here's how a few people reacted to the tweet.

What do you think about the Kevin Durant smoking pic that made the rounds this weekend? Do you think people are making a big deal out of nothing?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]