Nicole Richie Addresses Anorexia Rumors, Insists She Doesn't Weigh 88 Pounds [Photos]

Nicole Richie insists that current rumors about her diminishing weight are false.

The fashion designer and former reality TV star found her name in the headlines following a report from the less-than-reliable Star magazine. According to a source, Richie is battling an eating disorder that has allegedly dropped her weight to a staggering 88 pounds.

The insider dished that Nicole's eight-month struggle with anorexia has created some serious problems in her relationship with singer-songwriter Joel Madden. Regarding her diet, the source told the publication that Nicole Richie lives on a steady intake of only "sunflower seeds, celery, juice, and chewing gum."

"Joel has always tried to keep tight tabs on her diet. But since he's gone so often, no one's ever really sure how much she's eating anymore. He is extremely worried about her," the insider dished.

The nameless individual added, "He tells her that she needs to focus on her health for the sake of the children, because they need their mother. When Joel confronts her on how she needs to ingest more nutrients, she says the juices give her all she needs."

Although Nicole Richie hasn't issued an official statement denouncing these reports, a source close to the designer told E! Online that there's absolutely no truth to the Star magazine report. In fact, Richie is reportedly taking a very healthy approach to keeping her weight under control these days.

"These rumors are completely false. She loves taking hikes and walks with her dog," the insider recently explained.

However, the Daily Mail recently posted a handful of photos that suggest Nicole Richie is definitely very skinny at the moment. Of course, just because the 32-year-old is thin doesn't necessarily mean she's unhealthy at the moment.

Curious to see how thin Nicole Richie is these days? Take a look at some photos below.

Here's the designer on the cover of Star magazine.

Check out Richie at a Vogue event in India last November.

Are you a fan of Nicole Richie? What do you think about the recent Star magazine report that claims the fashion designer is struggling with anorexia once again?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]