Paula Abdul Suing For Second Degree Burns On Thigh

Paula Abdul is suing a Los Angeles tanning salon after she suffered second degree burns to her thighs and more minor burns to other parts of her body.

On Thursday Abdul hit UVASun West Inc. with a lawsuit which claims that she was burned during one of the treatments she had at their Los Angeles salon.

The suit alleges that on January 20 2012 Paula Abdul went for a 'SlimStar infrared body' treatment at the salon, which costs just under $130.

The treatment is described as a form of: "highly effective weight control which uses infrared heat that penetrates twice as deep as other heat sources to target toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets below the surface of the skin."

The company's website claims that the treatment: "may burn 1200 or more calories in just one 50-minute session" and that you can "feel results from your very first session."

Well, Paula Abdul certainly felt 'the results', which in her case led to some serious discomfort for the star.

Her legal documents state that the treatment was applied: "negligently, carelessly, and recklessly, so as to cause [her] to suffer severe and painful burns over her body, with an especially severe second or third degree burn on a portion of [her] left thigh."

The documentation noted that as well as the burns and general discomfort, Abdul also suffered a shock to her nervous system.

It noted that she was: "hurt and injured in her health, strength, and activity," and that the treatment caused: "shock and injury to [her] nervous system and great mental, physical and nervous strain, pain and suffering, and loss of earnings potential."

Paula Abdul is now seeking in excess of $25,000 in compensation from the company for the injuries and suffering caused to her by the treatment she underwent at one of their branches.

It remains to be seen whether or not Abdul is successful in her claim against UVASun West Inc.