The New York Mets have a new minority owner

Finally, we have some good news for New York Mets fans. The Mets have found a minority investor with deep enough pockets to help secure this team on the financial side. David Einhorn has come up with 200 million bucks to join the Mets ownership group and we have concrete proof that he has deep enough pockets to get this team out of financial hell and back to the business of winning baseball games. Of course a roster purge is probably still coming but the Mets can now work the trade market to restock their roster with prospects.

Does the name Einhorn sound familiar? Well for those of you, who watch the World Series of Poker on the four letter network, may remember it was Einhorn who made a deep run in that event in 2006. He made it all the way to the finals before finishing 18th and winning just over 600k. In a prominent story line that year, Einhorn promised to donate all of his winning to charity before the tournament started, and he did exactly that.

Mets fans should be excited that a guy who could afford to donate 600 grand to charity is at least a little bit in charge of their baseball team. Einhorn is the President of Greenlight Capital a hedge fund and exactly the kind of owner MLB needs right now. I wonder if Bud Selig tried to talk him into buying the Los Angeles Dodgers. Either way this is the first good news from the Mets in quite some time.