'Francis Effect' Is All The Craze In Retail Following Pope's Popularity

The "Francis effect" is all the craze in the retail world and is making some a lot of money.

Ever since the world was introduced to Pope Francis in March of 2013, anything he does or says makes instant headlines.

Whether it's where he lives, how he goes to work, who he visits, it doesn't seem to matter, the Holy Father is a gold mine.

Now, some retailers are catching on to the "Francis effect" and banking on it with hoodies, underpants, and...onesies?

Yes, Pope Francis themed clothing is the latest craze in retail. If you are a fan you can probably find pieces of clothing to show your admiration.

Two countries that are feeling the full effect of Francis' ascension to the chair of St. Peter as leader of the Catholic Church are the US and the UK, according to the Catholic Herald.

Since Pope Francis was announced as the successor of Pope Benedict XVI who resigned unexpectedly, retailers report a 20 percent increase in sales on hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts that support the Holy Father.

A quote that Francis used at a mass event in Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro during the 2013 World Youth Day is the most popular: "rebel against culture", says Catholics With Attitude, a catholic clothing company with offices in London and Glasgow.

Pope Francis Copacabana Beach

During his speech the Pope urged young people to reject hedonism and embrace family and marriage and it seems to have resonated.

Retailers in the US are reporting similar results related to the "Francis effect."

Café Press -- based in California -- offers pink Pope Francis "onesies" (if you believe it) retailing at $17.99 each, along with baby blanket, hats, and other accessories.

The website also offers women's t-shirts with another popular slogan, "Who Am I to judge?", which came from statements Francis made related to gays.

But the "Francis effect" also includes other items, such as calendars, coffee mugs, key rings, and of course, baseball caps.

Some more "ungodly" pieces include cocktail shakers, wine chillers, shot glasses. His most loyal fans can also purchase toiletary bags, mouse mats, iPad and Kindle sleeves, biscuit jars, wall clocks, and jigsaw puzzle.

Pope Francis 2013 Youth World Day

The "Francis effect" is indicative of just how much this Pope has grabbed the world's attention, not only with Catholics, but it seems with people of all backgrounds and religion.

"We are hearing quotes from the Pope all the time", Barry Flynn a spokesman for Catholics With Attitude said.

"The pope is grabbing their interest and people are listening to what he has to say." he adds.

It is almost certain the "Francis effect" will continue and expand to other areas of the world. A refreshing prospect in these troubled times.