Paul Hellyer, Ex-Canadian Defense Minister, Admits To Alien Visitors On Earth [Video]

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer recently said in an interview that extraterrestrials have visited Earth. In fact, according to Hellyer, at least four different species have made trips to our blue planet. Hellyer says that these aliens have made regular stops on Earth for thousands of years and he has proof.

The 90-year-old former minister explained some of the details of interstellar politics in a surprising recent interview with RT. Paul Hellyer explains that alien powers have had an increased interest in human activity in more recent decades. Why is this? Humanity’s development and use of nuclear weapons, he says. They fear human’s use of powerful atomic weapons could have disastrous consequences for the entire cosmos, according to Paul Hellyer.

Still with us? Ex-Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer continues his revelations, describing the types of extraterrestrials living among us. Some, he says, “look just like us and they could walk down the street and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one.” Hellyer says this includes two types of aliens, called “Nordic Blondes” and “Tall Whites.” These groups actively work with US Air Force in Nevada, Hellyer claims. As the nicknames might suggest, the Nordic Blondes would not seem out of place. They tend to appear to be Northern European. In fact, as Paul Hellyer explains, one time several Nordic Blondes dressed as nuns and went shopping in Las Vegas without incident.

One of the other extraterrestrial species that visits Earth are called the “Short Greys.” Paul Hellyer says these would not pass unnoticed in the public. At heights of around five feet, these Short Greys are very similar to the common depictions of slim-limbed alien visitors. All in all, however, there are about 80 alien species in the universe, according to Hellyer.

As strange as these assertions are, Paul Hellyer says we don’t need to worry. Most of the aliens who visit Earth are “benign and benevolent and they do want to help us.” However, Hellyer believes there may be one or two who oppose helping humanity. In fact, says the former minister, some of these species would like to have their presence known publicly and want to share more technology with Earth. So far a number of things humans use today supposedly came from alien sources, including microchips and Kevlar vests. However, the interstellar community’s concerns about our atomic weapons and warlike nature make them cautious about sharing more.

More than that, Paul Hellyer says in his interview, alien visitors have also expressed concern over humanity’s use of the planet. While Hellyer says the extraterrestrials have acknowledged that Earth is our planet, they “don’t think we are very good stewards of our planet.” Hellyer says they have “made it very clear” that they worry about mass deforestation and growing pollution. Without explaining further, Hellyer claims they have even issued a warning to us about their concerns.

While the former Canadian Defense Minister says he’s never actually met an alien, as far as he knows, he has seen a UFO. Paul Hellyer says he and his wife watched a strange object in the sky move in unusual ways. In his time as Defense Minister, Hellyer says there were also frequent UFO sighting reports. While most turned out as nothing out of the ordinary, there were around one in five reports that “were the genuine UFOs.”

Why haven’t there been many public figures openly sharing such details like Paul Hellyer? It’s just a matter of time, Hellyer says. “There’s just so much evidence” that could be found with minimal effort, he argues. Apparently it could be done easily if only someone would “take time off to do a little bit of research and study,” Paul Hellyer concludes.

[Image via ‘J’ via photopin cc]