Burger King Giving Away Free Cups Of Coffee Through January 29

Burger King is presently offering its customers a free cup of hot coffee. Of course, you'll have to pony up some cash for one of the fast food chain's breakfast sandwiches if you want to take advantage of the promotion.

Since the restaurant wants people to spend their cash on one of its 18 different early-morning offerings, the company's promotional team are hoping to lure people through the doors with a cup of coffee. Patrons have until January 29 to take them up on the offer.

According to the company's official press release, Burger King restaurants across the country will offer up free Seattle's Best Coffee to those who snag one of the aforementioned menu items. The offer is only good for a small cup of joe, so you might want to pick up one for the road if your daily intake is quite substantial.

Seattle's Best Coffee Vice President of Brand Management Jennifer Dimaris was understandably excited about the pairing. Since the popular fast food chain is putting the product in the hands of folks who may otherwise pass on the coffee, they're hoping this promotion helps boost sales across the board.

"We know great coffee helps start the morning off right, that's why we put more than 40 years of roasting experience into every cup of custom blended Seattle's Best Coffee served to Burger King guests," she explained in a recent statement.

Burger King's North American Chief Marketing Officer Eric Hirschhorn added, "Everyone loves to start their day with fresh, hot coffee and we have mouthwatering ways to make it even better. Our robust breakfast menu has something for everyone – whether you're in a rush, on-the-go or stopping by for your first meal of the day."

The fast food chain is definitely trying to get more people interested in its offerings these days. In addition to opening new locations around the world -- three restaurants recently popped up in Sri Lanka -- the company also unveiled a completely revamped value menu.

Since selling food for only one dollar definitely takes its toll on a company's bottom line, BK joined the ranks of McDonald's and Wendy's by rolling out King Deals. Locations will now offer a few pricier items on the value menu alongside its established one buck sandwiches.

"We've seen an incredible response from our guests with our $1 menu items and we want to continue creating great-tasting products that don't sacrifice on taste," Hirschhorn said.

Are you planning to stop by Burger King for a free cup of coffee?