Tricia Helfer On ‘Killer Woman’: ‘I Loved This Script From The Get-Go’

Tricia Helfer has enjoyed her fair share of fame since first making an impression as a Cylon on the revered Battlestar Galactica.

Since then, the 39-year-old Canadian supermodel has made a number of guest appearances on blockbuster shows like CSI, Supernatural, and Chuck.

In her latest TV venture, Helfer is playing Texas Ranger Molly Parker on ABC‘s all new Tuesday night series Killer Woman. Tricia Helfer spoke to reporters about how enthusiastic she was to play the role: “I loved this script from the get-go.”

She continued to speak about how she was influenced by Marrie Aldrigde, the original Texas Ranger: “I couldn’t stop thinking about how fun Molly would be to play. I also loved the different take on the cop procedural and being all about female killers with a strong female lead investigating the crimes.”

The new series, a loose adaptation from Argentina from a trilogy of novels written by Marisa Grinstein, has also enjoyed airtime in Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Hannah Shakespeare, the producer of the show, said that she purposely never read the novels nor saw the Argentinian TV adaptation:

“I started from scratch with a show about the psychology of women who snap. I love that title, ‘Killer Women.’ There’s a cheekiness to it that’s just up my alley.”

Shakespeare extolled the virtues of Tricia Helfer, suggesting she was the perfect woman for the role:

“As soon as Tricia put the rig on — the gun, the boots, the belt — she dropped right into Molly’s walk. She’s really athletic and having that athleticism was really important to me. I wanted someone the audience would believe could sprint after a suspect, fire a gun and ride a horse with equal skill.”

Have you seen any previews of the new Killer Woman show or have you caught a full episode? Do you agree with Hannah Shakespeare that Tricia Helfer is the best woman for the Texas Ranger role? Share your thoughts in the feed below.