Amazon Offers Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Album For $.99, Servers Slow

Amazon on Monday announced that they were offering the Lady Gaga album “Born This Way” for the amazingly low price of just $.99, while providing users with 20 gigabytes of cloud music storage for customers who already subscribe to the new music service, an offer that caused their servers to nearly grind to a halt.

The full Gaga album currently sells for $11.99 on iTunes and $15.99 for a special edition which would explain the amazing offer causing issues to Amazon’s services after the deal was tweeted to more than 1.5 million Amazon deals followers.

According to the Wall Street Journal the deal slowed downloads to a crawl while some users were cut out of the system entirely causing various negative reviews for the online retailer.

With Amazon failing to create the type of buzz around their Amazon Cloud Music service they had hoped to when it launched in March this new deal could be a win-win for the company and Lady Gaga, but only if they can get the service to operate properly and reach out to site buyers who have posted negative reviews.

Amazon reps have promised that everyone who buys the album today will be able to download it at the $.99 price once server resources allow.

Have you purchased this special offer? If you have and you’ve run into problems let us know about your experience in our comments sections.