Environmental Social Network Launches With Lofty Goal

A new social network is launching this morning with the goal of helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Save The Planet And Win, opening publicly in beta mode today, lets you calculate the environmental damage you’re doing and find ways to cut it back. Billed as the “first voluntary personal carbon registry in the United States,” the site offers networking opportunities to compare your steps to others’ and discuss strategies for saving the Earth.

You can also accumulate “points” by watching the site’s sponsored videos about going green. Those points can then be used to buy carbon offsets, donate to environmental causes, or — if you just need the dough — you can trade them in for cash.

Save The Planet And Win is promising weekly sweepstakes to keep environmental friendliness fun and interesting, too.

So far, the site claims about 66,000 pounds of carbon reduced by its members prior to its public launch.