Michael Schumacher: Condition Improving After Brain Surgery

Former Formula 1 sensation Michael Schumacher is showing signs of improvement after brain surgery yesterday. Schumacher’s doctors say that he is not out of danger yet but are hopeful. Michael Schumacher experienced serious head injuries after a skiing accident on Sunday.

Immediately after his accident he was brought to the hospital close to death. After the brain surgery doctors put him in a medically induced coma in order to give his brain time to heal. His family made the difficult decision of allowing the doctors to do the brain surgery. With Schumacher’s condition improving doctors are hopeful with the “improved situation” they will have an opportunity to do a second surgery.

Michael Schumacher, a seven time Formula 1 champion, is recovering in a hospital in the nearby town of Grenoble. Schumacher was semi conscious but extremely agitated when he got to the hospital after the injury. His condition rapidly deteriorated and soon he was unconscious.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that her government were like all the German people…extremely shocked. Her spokesman said:

Messages of support have come from around the world.

“We hope, with Michael Schumacher and with his family, that he can overcome and recover from his injuries”.

Michael Schumacher retired form Formula 1 after failing to win another championship in 2012. He has won seven world championships and secured 91 race victories during his 19-year career. He won his first two titles racing for Benetton and then he switched to team Ferrari in 1996. He won his next five championships with them.

He came back to racing after his first retirement. During his retirement he was injured in a motorcycle accident where he seriously injured his neck and spine. He returned to racing after healing from those wounds.

The whole world is watching the developments in this case and praying for a full recovery for the injured Michael Schumacher.