Trayvon Martin Song By Sanchez Says George Zimmerman Can’t Run From God

A Trayvon Martin song by reggae artist Sanchez claims George Zimmerman can’t run from God and that some day he will feel the Lord’s wrath.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the name and appearance of Trayvon Martin has been used in several controversial ways this past year. For example, many were upset when Chris Brown tried to compare himself to Trayvon in defense of his actions.

One Pittsburgh high school tried to commemorate “Trayvon Martin Day” where students were encouraged to wear hoodies to class. Parents were outraged and the event was cancelled. More recently, the Claremont United Methodist Church set up a nativity scene where Jesus was replaced by Trayvon Martin because, in the artist’s words, he was “an innocent child like the innocent children killed by King Herod.” But Martin was not always used by supporters. Trayvon Martin Halloween costumes upset many due to the usage of blackface by white men.

But the artist named Sanchez felt he needed to support Trayvon Martin’s parents:

“I followed the case very closely as it was a case that really touched my heart and I felt for the parents of Trayvon.”

His song Yes We Wanna Know is part of an album called Like A General that will be released in January by New Millionaire Entertainment. But the Trayvon Martin song has already been released and it has Sanchez explaining why he wrote it:

“The verdict was a shocker, but as I say in my song, George Zimmerman can’t get away…. Even though you run from man, you never get away from the father and even though you took your stand, yes you will feel the wrath of my father’s hands, Yes you can from man but you can’t run from the father. The brutal killing of Trayvon, and the injustice just made me upset and only way I know how to voice my opinion and anger is through music. George Zimmerman will not get away and did not get away, he shall feel the wrath of my Father’s hands.”

What do you think about the Trayvon Martin song by Sanchez?