Jennifer Lopez Heads Back To The Bronx For ‘Same Girl’ Music Video

Jennifer Lopez recently headed back to her old Bronx neighborhood to shoot the music video for her tune “Same Girl.”

Since the singer is always ready to prove that she’s still the same person she was during her days in Castle Hill, Lopez decided to shoot the clip for her tune in New York. However, the song isn’t set for release until some point next year.

Digital Spy reports that Jennifer Lopez’s “Same Girl” is from her forthcoming studio album. The latest collection of tunes is the tenth effort the singer released since dropping On the 6th back in 1999. Unfortunately, a release date for the single and the album wasn’t available as of this writing.

Steve Gomillion and Dennis Leupold are the masterminds behind Jennifer Lopez’s “Same Girl,” though this isn’t the first time the singer teamed up with the guys. In addition to working with Lopez in the past, they’ve also worked with such celebrities as Robin Wright, Selena Gomez, and Lindsay Lohan.

As you can tell from the video and picture embedded below, Jennifer Lopez’s appearance in Castle Hill caused a stir on December 28. Tons of folks turned out to catch the singer in action. If she needed people to work as extras on the video, then she definitely had quite a few to choose from.

One person who is no doubt excited about the latest offering from Lopez is Britney Spears. The “Work B****” singer said that she always looked to Jennifer for inspiration. Not only does Spears want to get into acting like Lopez, she also wants to star in a movie with her.

“Jennifer Lopez is my idol — she’s so beautiful and even though she’s gotten older, she hasn’t aged at all. She looks more amazing than ever and I really admire and respect that,” Britney recently explained to Yahoo! OMG.

Check out some images from Jennifer Lopez’s trip back to the block below.

Here’s some video of the singer doing her thing in the Bronx.

Are you looking forward to Jennifer Lopez’s song “Same Girl”? Do you think the singer is the same person she was back in the day?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]