Doe B, Hustle Gang Rapper, Shot Dead At 22

Doe B, an up and coming rapper with the "Hustle Gang", was shot dead in Alabama early Saturday morning. Doe B, 22, was performing at a club in his hometown of Montgomery, AL when someone opened gunfire. Reports so far are that Doe B (AKA Glenn Thomas) and a young woman were killed in the shooting.

Doe B was involved in a shooting just three years ago, when he was shot in the eye. His signature eye patch was not just for show, but a symbol of the reality of gang related violence in the hip hop industry. The rapper turned his attention full time to hip hop after the first shooting and was signed by popular rap artist T.I.

The Hustle Gang features some of the top up and coming rappers in the industry, especially in the southeast United States. Many of the artists took to twitter to send their condolences, including Doe B's manager Frank White who wrote, "Rip my brother @CBMDOEB."

Here are some other responses from around twitter to the young rappers death.