Vegas Cab Driver Finds $300K In Back of Cab! Returns It!

Las Vegas Cab Driver, Gerard Gamboa, found a brown bag with $300,000 cash in the back of his cab. While it’s an expensive time of year for us all, Gerard acted out of exceptional seasonal spirit and immediately handed in the found money.

According to Fox News Gamboa was doing a pick up at the world famous, and ultra fancy, Bellagio on Monday Morning, when the hotel doorman spotted the brown paper bag in the back of the cab and gave it to Gamboa. Gerard knew that the bag must have belonged to a previous ride, a high rolling Poker player, so he called his dispatcher and turned it in.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal Gamboa thought the bag had some chocolates in it, “At a red light on the Strip, however, Gamboa’s curiosity got the better of him.” so he decided to open the bag that he had left on the front passenger seat, but he and a passenger got a real surprise when they found six fat wads of hundred dollar bills, totalling three hundred thousand dollars.

But, apparently Gerard Gamboa a veteran Vegas Cabbie with 13 years of experience is a citizen for Sin City to be proud of, considering we recently reported the city’s 115th murder just recently. Gamboa said he didn’t hesitate and immediately let the dispatcher know and drove the money to Yellow Checker Star Transportation’s main office after dropping off the Bellagio ride.

The dispatchers had to do some detective work to track down the rightful owner of the money. They saw that Gamboa was called to a pickup at the Cosmopolitan Casino and drove him home, so they got in touch with the Casino and found out who had received a $300 Grand payout. Gamboa recalls that the forgetful passenger left him a kind $5 gratuity, but the question is if he’ll extend more kindness to the honest Cabbie after his tremendous honesty.



The Yellow Checker Star said that they had never had such a cab find, this was a record breaker for them, and as it happens some pretty good publicity. The Cosmopolitan is just to the south of the famous Bellagio, which was made famous, with it’s amazing fountains, from the heist movie,Ocean’s 11, with George Clooney.

If you would like to become a taxicab driver in Las Vegas, which you might seriously want to consider after reading this, then you better get yourself a Nevada driving license, not a commercial license.

Then according to you need to take some tests and get yourself a Clark County taxi driver’s permit, as you have to have a permit from the county you work in. The good news is that even if you don’t find a small fortune in the back of your cab, you’ll be doing OK. As Las Vegas is such a popular tourist destination, you’ll have plenty of work picking up visitors from the airport, taking them to the countless local attractions and ferrying them between Hotels, Restaurants and of course Casinos.