Pizza Hut Introduces So Cheezy Pizza In India [Video]

Pizza Hut recently unveiled a brand new pizza to folks living in India. If you absolutely love cheese, then you’re in for a serious treat.

Dubbed “So Cheezy,” the pie is reportedly the cheesiest pizza available. According to My Republica, Pizza Hut is cramming as much cheese as it possibly can on its latest offering in India. Unfortunately, this is the only country hosting the menu item as of this writing.

“The new pizza has Jalapeno flavored cheese stuffed in the crust, creamy cheese in the middle and lots of mozzarella cheese on top,” the company explained in a recent press release.

Folks who decide to take a chance on Pizza Hut’s So Cheezy pie should expect to drop around 489 Indian Rupees (approximately $7.50) on the concoction. As someone who thoroughly enjoys a really good cheese pizza, this writer is certainly a little jealous of folks who reside across the pond right now.

“Pizza Hut has always had innovation and value at its core and we’re truly excited to launch the new ‘So Cheezy’ pizza. Cheese is what makes the pizza great and consumers just love more of it,” Pizza Hut India brand general manager Sanjiv Razdan explained.

To spread the good word about the new pie, Pizza Hut put together an admittedly adorable advertisement designed to appeal to families across the country. Executive Creative Director Ajay Gahlaut believes the commercial will definitely help the company sell quite a few pizzas.

“The challenge was to tell an interesting story to the consumer, a story that is relatable, fun and endearing and, at the same time, not lose out on the immense lure value of the product. We put together the right mix of ingredients… to bring alive the story,” Gahlaut said.

Check out the ad in question below.

Pizza Hut customers overseas tend to get the more unusual pizzas these days. Not only is Pizza Hut Japan offering its patrons a so-called “golden crust pizza,” folks living in Singapore have access to something called the Double Decker Pizza. It’s enough to make this pizza aficionado take a trip around the planet.

The Consumerist reported earlier this month that Puerto Rico recently unveiled a stuffed crust pizza with an inventive twist. In addition to getting a hot pool of cheese in said crust, adventurous get to enjoy a bit of bacon as well. If you’re currently extremely green with envy, then you’re certainly not the only one.

What do you think about Pizza Hut unveiling the So Cheezy pizza in India?