iOS 7 Jailbreak Released: What To Know Before Using It

The iOS 7 jailbreak is here, allowing Apple product to finally untether their devices from the Apple store --- but it comes with a word of caution.

The iOS 7 jailbreak was released this weekend on the site evasi0n by the team of hackers called evad3rs, the same people who brought the world the iOS 6 jailbreak. Sunday's release is compatible with iOS 7 devices in version 7.0 through 7.0.4.

This function allows users to hack into their Apple products like iPhones or iPads so they can install apps that aren't available through the Apple store.

For those who aren't tech savvy, the jailbreak allows users to hack into their iPad, iPod, and iPhone devices so they can install apps that aren't offered in the Apple Store.

There are some drawbacks to the iOS 7 jailbreak, however, so experts warn technological novices to take precaution before going through the function. First, it's important to know that the jailbreak isn't supported by Apple, so users won't be able to turn to them for help if something goes wrong.

Evasi0n warns that the iOS 7 jailbreak needs users to have a full, unencrypted backup of their device.

Here are the other warnings, via the evasi0n website:

  • Warning! Over The Air updates of iOS 7 are known to create an issue and make the jailbreak fail. Some devices are then stuck on the Apple Boot Logo. Until we fix that, please restore your device to 7.0.4. with iTunes first.
  • Warning! Many Cydia tweaks are not yet compatible with iOS 7. Please always backup your phone before installing new tweaks from Cydia as your iPhone could be stuck in the boot process. The situation will improve as developers will update their software.
Some users have already run into hurdles with the iOS 7 jailbreak, including the issues with Cydia that evasad3rs mentioned.

Users in China will also find that the jailbreak software is bundled with the app store Taig, which has been criticized for having a number of pirated apps.

Apple product users who want to go through the iOS 7 jailbreak can find it here.