Snoop Dogg Looking For A Fan To Be His Intern For A Day

Snoop Dogg wants to find an intern willing to put in some hard work, like hanging out with the rapper, eating at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and doing some “fun s**t.”

The rapper laid out his internship offer, hoping to find someone who can work for him for one day in Los Angeles. The internship contest is really a scheme to help out his charity, Snoop Youth Football League, which gives at-risk kids age five through 13 the chance to learn the sport.

Snoop is an avid football fan himself — a diehard fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers — and has served as a youth coach in Los Angeles. His son Cordell, a junior in high school, has become a highly sought after wide receiver prospect.

Snoop Dogg laid out the rules for the internship on the site Reddit, where he posts under the name Here_Comes_the_King. Snoop wrote:

“‘Twas the season for giving! I’m Snoop ‘n I’m ready to read ur favourite Xmas stories ‘n give 1 of you an internship wit me … let’s help these kids!!

“If you support the campaign wit a small donation, you’ll have the chance to win an internship with ME for a day in LA!! We’ll get lunch at Roscoe’s [House of Chicken and Waffles], play some video games, plan out world domination ‘n decorate some trees.”

Snoop Dogg said the charity has a purpose beyond teaching Xs and Os to kids.

“Through sport, children learn the values of teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline and self-respect, and the importance of academics. Each year, we have regular season games, playoffs and our own Super Bowl,” the charity noted.

Those willing to give a little more to the charity could have a better chance of becoming Snoop Dogg’s intern. The fine print for the contest notes that higher donations earn more chances to win, with the biggest donors getting 100 entries each. It also says that contestants don’t actually need to make a donation in order to be entered.

The entry could be worth the cost for a Snoop Dogg fan. The winner will get to fly out to Los Angeles with a friend and get an a chance to tag along with Snoop’s life.

“You’ll get a look inside the Snoop world and help me get some work done – maybe on the set of my news network, GGN Hood News, or backstage with me when I’m DJ Snoopadelic,” the rapper noted.

Fans who want to enter the Snoop Dogg internship contest can click here.

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