Snoopy Flash Mob Goes 'Peanuts' In NYC With Christmas Dance [Video]

A Snoopy flash mob descended on New York City, going Peanuts in the streets with a Christmas dance.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, one artistic flash mob recreated a painting from Rembrandt.

In the past, social media has been used to organize flash mobs where people will turn up in a public place and do some sort of organized event, usually a dance or a song. In this case, the Snoopy flash mob used the holiday Peanuts song from It's a Charlie Brown Christmas.

Everyone in the Peanuts flash mob were in full costume. We had Schroeder banging away on his piano as usual. And Linus danced with his blanket but Snoopy reportedly was the centerpiece of the attraction with his "beagle boogie."

Unfortunately, NYC flash mobs do have their darker side. Some people are using these entertaining flash mobs as cover for their crimes. Jon Shane, assistant professor of criminal justice at John Jay College, explains:

"They assemble, they do whatever it is that they're going to do, and then they disassemble in a matter of minutes. By the time somebody recognizes what is happening or is injured, if the police are able to respond, it's slow."
Fortunately, nothing horrible like that happened with the Snoopy flash mob. If anything, it'll just be another fond Christmas memory to add to the one created in 1964 by Vince Guaraldi.