Kate Upton Nude No More? Career Shifting From Modeling Bikinis To Movies

Kate Upton’s nude photo shoots with Sports Illustrated are what made the model famous, but it appears her career has shifted away from modeling bikinis and into full drive as an actress in movies.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, those hoping to see Kate Upton nude were happy when leaked uncensored photos showed her topless for a photo shoot while riding horseback. And that actually be might our last and only chance based upon her career trajectory…

It would actually not be too odd see Upton give up modeling completely. After all, she once said she “never set out to be on the runway” and has more of long term career interest in acting. Even though she was named Model Of The Year 2013 she had some harsh words for the fashion industry:

“I’m not going to name names, but one agency told me, ‘You’re too American, and everybody knows American women are lazy. I was so offended! I’ve never been so offended! I was like, ‘You know that you’re in America, right?’ And it wasn’t ‘American models’—it was ‘American women are lazy,’ period! I feel like a lot of women would disagree with that. A lot!”

And the fashion industry shot right back. For example, former model Carol Alt dissed Upton publicly:

“[Kate is] a product of great media hype. Without Sports Illustrated, I’m not sure she would’ve made it in the industry as a high fashion model. Because she is more of a large size model … I think Kate is very good at, hmmmm, how do I put it? She’s engaging. She comes to the set prepared to work, in a good mood, engages her client …”

Since Kate Upton has increasingly been focusing on her acting career, running around scantily clad in only body paint again isn’t exactly high on her agenda. In fact, Kate Upton’s Entourage movie role has her cast on the leading star. There even a rumor that Ms. Upton might be the next James Bond girl in movie 24. In previous movies she tended to be more of a supporting role so this is a big move for her.

Kate isn’t sure what type of movies she wants to do in the future but she’s working on becoming “confident in creating the role and being the character.” And she’s been trying to learn from her fellow actresses while filming:

“I was on set with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann and they were the most inspirational and amazing women I had the honor to work with. They were really helpful in my experience with the movie, and I really appreciated all of their advice and all of their encouragement throughout the movie set.”

But it’s not like the Sports Illustrated model gave up doing photo shoots completely in 2013. But we haven’t seen Kate Upton naked or in a bikini in forever. In fact, new Upton photos seem to be adding more and more layers of clothing. For example, Kate posed with a baseball team wearing their uniform and a Golf Digest issue featured Arnold Palmer and Upton golfing… not in a bikini.

Of course, since wearing bikinis is what made Kate Upton famous in the first place we shouldn’t be surprised that her role in The Other Woman has her donning her signature bathing suit.