Kate Upton: ‘Golf Digest’ Cover Makes Golfing, And Arnold Palmer, Look Sexy

Kate Upton is making golfing sexy with her Golf Digest magazine cover.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kate Upton might be the new James Bond girl for movie 24.

Besides being a super model, Kate Upton is an actress, an accomplished horse rider, and also apparently a golfer. Who knew the blonde girl from Melbourne, FL had so much talent?

Kate Upton’s Golf Digest cover is accompanied by an interview with golfing great Arnold Palmer, who has high praise for Ms. Upton:

“Kate Upton is a new golfer who is going to be a very good golfer. When I met her at Bay Hill back in March, she told me her only golf experience had been playing with her family in Florida one day a year, on Christmas. She said she didn’t make much of an effort because it was, well, Christmas, and she wanted to be with her friends. So at age 21 she’s just now really taking up the game.”

Arnold Palmer says he could tell right away that Kate Upton is “going to be a nice player” because of the way he “waggled” her clubs. And she was “very aggressive, like she wanted to hit something” with the driver she chose, which also happened to be Arnold Palmer’s favorite club, as well.

Unfortunately, sexy sort of transformed into sexism since Arnold Palmer also wrote:

“Girls can do anything the boys can do, except maybe hit the ball a mile. Golf is golf.”

Overall, Arnold Palmer praised Kate Upton in Golf Digest, admiring her “strength, balance, flexibility,” and “eagle eyes.” Hey, at least we got one man who’s focusing on the eyes on her face as the old joke goes.

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