Play Angry Birds online for free

Google – the enemy of all productivity? Last year the search engine giant gave the world free browser-based Pac-Man. This year, it’s free Angry Birds. This is the start of the collapse, people. Next year, we’ll all be spearing each other over the last handful of clean water.

A browser-based version of Rovio’s physics-y game has appeared on Chrome Web Store. Why? Because Google wants to show what the latest Chrome browser is capable of. And destroy all productivity (see paragraph one).

Hence, Chrome users can now download and play the first level of the game for free, something that Google Chrome Senior VP Sundar Pichai has claimed would not be possible in a browser one year ago. The fact that browsers can now handle this kind of technology is thanks to quicker graphics rendering speed – the current Chrome is ten times faster than earlier versions.

You can even play the game offline (as it’s stored in the browser’s cache), and there’s a set of exclusive Chrome-themed levels on the way.

[Via Venturebeat]