Sarah Palin Defends ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson

Sarah Palin is speaking out once again, this time coming to the defense of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after it was announced that he would be put on “indefinite hiatus” from the show due to his anti-gay remarks made during his interview with GQ magazine.

A&E suspended Robertson Wednesday for his comments, which many are saying categorizes homosexuals alongside “terrorists, prostitutes, and drunks” according to Times. These comments caused quite the controversy for the star and for the show, and while many were outraged by Robertson’s comments, many are now outraged by A&E’s decision.

Who would have guessed that Sarah Palin, of all people, would come to the aid of Robertson. Palin posted a note to her Facebook page stating “Free speech is an endangered species,” and that those who are “taking on” Robertson are “taking on all of us.”

The post, which appeared on Wednesday, has already received over 40,000 “shares”, over 278,500 “likes,” and nearly 17,000 comments. Comments on the post range from anger towards Palin for “sticking her nose in” to complete agreement that A&E shouldn’t be removing Robertson:

“Seems like we can’t speak our minds anymore I think its crazy for what they are doing.”

“Quack, quack, bring the duck’ back!”

“Good!! I love Duck Dynasty too and this is a dirty rotten shame what they did to a Godly man who just spoke honestly. There should be zero tolerance for these liberal goofballs.”

“Wait. Does the first amendment guarantee me a TV show? Crap, I need to reread my constitution.”

“What is so hard to understand? Free speech only means the government cannot censor you, the free market can do whatever it wants. Ironic since conservatives are always touting free market capitalism.”

So is Sarah Palin sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong? Or is this really a matter of American rights and free speech? Guess we will just have to wait and see how this one plays out.

[Image by Therealbs2002 via Wikimedia Commons]