Michael Jordan’s Crib For Sale: $29M [PHOTOS]

Michael Jordan has enlisted Concierge Auctions to sell off his tremendous Illinois Mansion, and everything in in it.

The fabulous crib boasts some pretty cool features, and you’d hope so too for a whopping $29 Million!

Not only do you get an enormous round pool, with no lip, but a waterfall too!

Infinity Pools are the coolest way to swim, as the water isn’t surrounded by an annoying lip to catch the water and recirculate it, no, no – in an Infinity pool there is no edge, no lip!

That’s why you can see the water cascading down the sides of the pool like a waterfall – a massive water fall! How stressful? Not much…

And, in case you thought it was a shame to spend close to $30 Million on a regular house, and you really, really always just wanted to own your own Island, well there’s good news – cos’ Michael’s been considerate enough to put a lush Grassy Island in the middle of his pool, so you won’t be disappointed with your decision.

Lounge in luxury and enjoy life or run your empire from your island command center, its all up to you.

Michael Jordan's Island

Mind you, it’s not that stressful inside either. The ceilings are befitting for a six foot five Basketball legend as they just seem to go up and up.

Michael Jordan's Lounge

Jordan’s amazing house has 15 bedrooms and nine bathrooms, a basketball court, Deck, and a 500 bottle wine cellar.

Michael Jordan's Kitchen

The Kitchen is probably bigger than my house, the kitchen table (of course it’s an eat-in kitchen) seats Eight! There’s also a bar at the counter in case you can’t make it all the way to the eating area. The ‘floating’ Island in the Kitchen is a subtle reminder that it’s probably healthier to be swimming outside, or sunbathing on the floating Island in the pool, than munching on Pizza at the floating Island in the Kitchen.Jordan's Eat-In

The Home is a mind-boggling 56,000 square feet, according to the MSNBC the average home size in 2012 was 2,480 square foot, so Michael’s humble abode is only a modest 22 times that! Mind you the average home price according to the Census is $152,000, which means that at 29 million Dollars the Jordan Mansion is 190 times the average house price – not such a bargain after all.

Jordan's Sitting Room

But, comparing this to anything ‘average’ is a travesty. Michael’s pad is spread out over seven acres, it has a walk in humidor (something to do with cigars) an outdoor kitchen, a gate with ’23’ on it! I mean what else could you want? Oh, there’s the regular stuff like a Home Cinema and a Fitness Center, tennis court, putting green… boring.Jordan's Patio


The grounds of Highland Park 3 Palace, it’s official name, are something special, there’s a gorgeous lake, hundreds of trees and of course a gangster king of a gated driveway.

Jordan's Lake

The Jordan’s called this place home for 19 years, but don’t you worry it isn’t run down, he just had the place totally renovated in 2009.

Jordan's Gate

So, now your chance to bag the home of a Hall of Famer, probably the greatest basketball player ever, and with a $650 Million fortune he’s probably one of the richest too, so why not, splash out, spoil yourself, he could do with the money.

Michael Jordan's Basketball Court

What do you think Michael Jordan’s Super Mansion crib is missing