49ers Billboard Insults Seattle Seahawks, Trolling Fans Responsible

A San Francisco 49ers’ billboard insults the Seattle Seahawks for the NFL team’s relative lack of history in the Super Bowl.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, San Francisco 49ers fans might be insulted by the fact that their new Levi stadium is opening with a Soccer match.

First off, let’s put this football rivalry in perspective. In comparison, the world of baseball seems almost classy after the Red Sox ran a newspaper ad that thanked the fans of the rival St. Louis Cardinals following Boston’s World Series victory. The major difference is the Red Sox ad was officially paid for by the team while this bit of 49ers billboard trolling was conceived entirely — we’re hoping — by the fans.

Of course, the Seattle Billboard Fund argues the idea for the 49ers billboard was only conceived in order “to counter the Seahawks’ fans flying a plane with their banner around Candlestick by placing a billboard showing our 49er pride in Seattle.” The group only needed $7,000 to fund the 49ers billboard, but they’ve already raised $8,945, so the difference will be donated to the Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. So, at least this little bit of trolling has resulted in some good.

The 49ers billboard will advertise the fact that the San Francisco NFL team has five Super Bowl wins in their history while the Seahawks have zero. Unfortunately for 49ers fans, they don’t have much else to brag about at the moment. The Seattle Seahawks record currently stands at 12-2, which is the best in the NFL while the San Francisco 49ers are a little behind with 10-4.

Do you think such obvious trolling as the 49ers billboard should be allowed by the city?