Denise Richards: Is She Really The Worst Ex-Wife In Hollywood?

Denise Richards is Charlie Sheen’s second ex-wife, and according to Charlie she is the one stealing Christmas this year.

He seems to want to nominate Richards for the “worst ex-wife in Hollywood” prize, and it seems he definitely needs some anger management lessons if his latest stunt is anything to go by.

As you can see from the somewhat disturbing image at the bottom of this article Charlie took out some deep-rooted anger on a baseball bat. The bat in question was a wedding souvenir the couple received as a gift when they tied the knot.

So Charlie chopped the bat into five small pieces, he then placed a commando knife and a baby bottle of tabasco sauce next to it neatly, almost psychotically neatly. He then added the caption: “More like a feeble “K”. the lie is over. i’m done being treated like a relative with a one-way ticket, c.”

So what did Charlie Sheen’s cryptic Twitter post mean – apart from the fact that he’s clearly pissed about something. Well, for a start, he is upset over Denise Richards’ vacation plans for Christmas.

TMZ reported that Sheen was supposed to meet Richards and their kids for some Christmas fun. Unfortunately for Charlie, Denise ditched those plans at short notice and really got his goat.

It’s all a big shame really, as the ex-couple have thus far enjoyed a very friendly and civil relationship since they split. Back in October for example they were spotted enjoying some quality family time at a pumpkin patch.

And earlier on in the year, Denise Richards even gave Charlie props when she was quoted as saying that he was the “greatest ex-ever.” So what happened?

Well, your guess is as good as mine so go ahead and post your thoughts on the matter in the feed below.

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