December 16, 2013
Xbox One, PS4 Error Bugs, Glitches, And Failure Due To PlayStation 4, Xbone Updates?

Seeing a Xbox One or PS4 error message is a dreaded experience. Forget the PS4 vs Xbox One battle for a moment... everyone loses now since PS4 updates and Xbox One updates are pretty much unavoidable now. In fact, some Xbox One and PS4 patches were required on day one just for basic functionality. But are some Xbox One bugs and PS4 error messages and hardware failures being caused by the software updates?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the PS4 Blue Light of Death was one of several PlayStation 4 errors and bugs noted so far, but the good news is the BLOD doesn't always means your PS4 console is toast. (The bad news is that the PS4 glitches are rumored to be caused by sabotage!)

Unfortunately, Battlefield 4 bugs have made the game famous in a way most video game developers would love to avoid. The game suffers from crashes and balancing issues and so far two large patches have failed to fix the problem. Some people have even gone back to Battlefield 3 until the problems are fixed via patches. Electronic Arts has apparently pulled people from other projects in order to ensure they're finished as soon as possible, but a lot of people are upset at this "release now, patch it later" mentality plaguing the video game industry.

In fact, Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, or DICE, the studio that created Battlefield 4 for EA, is outsourcing bug fixing to gamers for the PS4 CE-34878-0 error message:

"You can help us to identify these individual issues by providing a few details in the crash report (we read all of them.) For example what game mode you were playing and on what map you crashed. Doing this will help us a lot to reproduce the issues and investigate fixes for them in upcoming patches."
Worse, the BF4 bug might be due to a PS4 error with the hardware, not the game itself. Some gamers have found out that if they release the game data stored on the hard drive it will allow them to play online:

Just be aware this deletes your single player campaign progress, but multiplayer experience is stored online.

And it's not like EA is alone in this regard. Activision's Call of Duty: Ghosts could render at the 1080p resolution on the PlayStation 4 while only 720p on the Xbox One. But PS4 updates were necessary in order to access this seemingly basic feature. The same happened with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, which was limited to 900p without the patch. The Xbox One didn't need those patches because its performance wasn't up to snuff, but that's not exactly something to brag about.

And while PS4 error messages are feared, there's the potential to see even more Xbox Box error messages and glitches in the future. Why? You might be surprised to hear that the Xbox One runs Windows 8 along with two other operating systems. In fact, Microsoft has already announced Windows updates like Threshold will include Xbox One updates that unify the PC and gaming console experience even further. While it's nice they're bringing so many features into one package, anyone who is familiar with software engineering at all knows the more complex something gets the more likely there is a chance for bugs and glitches.

The Xbox One error E100 was apparently triggered by updates and could brick your console. And there have been reports of PS4 updates bricking the system, as well. So while Sony and Microsoft have been providing firmware updates to fix the many minor bugs some gamers are leery of ending up with a dead system in return.

Do you think game developers are over-relying on Xbox One and PS4 updates?