‘Battlefield 4’ ‘China Rising’ DLC Unlocks Causing Balance Problems

Battlefield 4‘s China Rising DLC has created even more problems with the title, as gamers are discovering online. The game has already seen its share of issues, but like Grand Theft Auto 5‘s early days, they just seem to keep popping up.

In the beginning, Battlefield 4 faced server issues due to a DDoS attack, causing many gamers to be unable to even log in and play online. Then when the game was brought back online, it began encountering glitches everywhere, including one-hit kills as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The new DLC is causing gamers to sometimes simply be dropped from the servers shortly after they join a game. News of this issue has nearly destroyed the fix from DICE’s earlier patch, forcing them to go right back and figure out what’s wrong. Battlefield 4‘s China Rising DLC will necessitate all earlier patches before gamers can download it, and now another patch is being worked on.

The unlocks causing the balance problems in Battlefield 4 are SUAV and UCAV. These unlocks involve toy planes used to take out snipers and such, but it seems to work too well. These planes can currently be used to score one-hit kills, and they’re almost impossible to shoot down, making them unfairly easy for anyone used to flying them. Gamers facing enemies who use these planes are frustrated, and DICE is looking into a way to balance out their use so they aren’t just another version of the one-hit kill.

Other issues involved with the DLC include the framerate image quality, which is currently suffering because DICE decided that 64-player games were more important than maintaining graphics prowess.

Electronic Arts has explained the new problems surrounding the Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC, “While exploring new battlegrounds in the Battlefield 4 expansion, China Rising, you may run into an occasional hiccup, issue, glitch, or problem that could interrupt or prohibit your gameplay.”

Rest assured, gamers, Battlefield 4 will be getting another patch to fix the balance problems.

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