Moving To Chicago? Why Not Buy The ‘Home Alone’ House

If you’re looking for digs in the Chicago area you may be interested in picking up the home used in the 1990 holiday hit movie Home Alone, but only if you have $2.4 million laying around or the ability to finance.

The home, owned by John and Cynthia Abendshien features 4,250 square feet and includes four bedrooms and a four-room master suite which the couple continued to live in during most of the movies shooting schedule.

The couple bought the home for $850,000 in 1988 and less than two years later Chris Columbus came knocking. It wasn’t the only offer made, John Hughes one year earlier had requested permission to shoot the John Candy helmed movie Uncle Buck inside the home.

The couple are ready to move out now that their daughter, who was a playmate of Malcaulay’s during the movies shooting schedule, has grown up.