Robert De Niro Rides A Camel In Christmas ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skit

Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone joined John Goodman on Saturday Night Live for their rendition of the ‘Three Wise Men,’ in a skit aptly called ‘Three Wise Guys.’

You are all familiar with the Christmas story of the Three Wise Men who went to visit baby Jesus. The spectacle of De Niro, Stallone and Goodman all sitting on camels and dressed sort of accordingly was a sight to behold.

But of course, the jokes in the Christmas skit really stole the limelight as the ‘Three Wise Guys,’ dressed in track suits and sporting some serious bling, began the story.

Stallone began the proceedings, talking about Jesus: “You know what? I hear his father’s in construction,” to which Goodman responded: “Yeah, little Joey from Nazareth. He’s all grown up!”

With that Robert De Niro, who looked particularly dashing with his headdress on, added: “Yeah, but I heard the kid might not be his! I know a couple of angels. I hear things, OK? You know, relax!”

As if the ‘Three Wise Guys’ skit wasn’t comedy enough, Goodman, who hosted SNL for the 13th time, also poked fun at Bobby Moynihan’s character ‘Drunk Uncle.’

In the weekend update, he played Drunk Uncle’s Drunker Uncle slurring his words with a nice, refreshing beverage in each hand. When he was asked why Santa is so dumb, he retorted: “Because he’s North Polish!”

He then went on to take a stab at the sign-language interpreter who was supposed to be interpreting Nelson Mandela’s eulogy.

As President Obama, played by Jay Pharoah, gave his Mandela speech, the interpreter, played by Kenan Thompson, signed some pretty funny things relating to Obama’s recent selfie, which also got some laughs.

It was a pleasure to see Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone and John Goodman riding camels, and there is no question that Saturday Night Live will be one to watch this Christmas.

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