Megan Hilty Loved Tying The Knot In Las Vegas, Says Marriage ‘Feels Great’

Megan Hilty Sean Saves the World

Megan Hilty recently tied the marital knot with husband Brian Gallagher in the wilds of Las Vegas. Judging from her comments, she absolutely adored having the wedding in Sin City.

Although Gallagher and the Sean Saves the World star celebrated the relationship in Vegas not too long ago, she said her life doesn’t feel much different after the fact. The only big difference these days is the way she introduces the love of her life to people she meets.

During her conversation with E! Online, Megan Hilty said she absolutely loves Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, this is the reason why she and Brian Gallagher decided to have their wedding there.

“I love Vegas. And I love The Palazzo and The Venetian, so we got married in The Venetian and stayed there for the weekend. It was a very intimate setting, we had our parents and our siblings—he’s from New York and I’m from Seattle, so they met in Vegas,” the actress explained.

Now that their wedding is all said and done, the newlyweds are trying to figure out where they want to spend their honeymoon. Although they intend to visit New York City this Christmas, Megan Hilty and her husband haven’t made any definite plans just yet.

The actress currently stars alongside Sean Hayes in the NBC series Sean Saves the World. The sitcom got off to a very rocky start, but the network ultimately ordered a handful of additional episodes back in November. Hilty plays Sean’s best friend on the series.

The actress said of her character:

“She’s kind of the go-between between his home life and work. She’s the person who connects the two. She’s supposed to be like a really strange, motherly figure to Ellie and in competition with Linda Lavin’s character for that role in her life, but they’re both horribly inappropriate influences on her, so I don’t know who would be better to show her the ways of the world.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Sean Hayes and Megan Hilty crossed paths. In addition to starring together in the second season of Smash, the actress previously auditioned for a pilot Hayes’ production company was putting together.

“She came in and read, and I made her sing ‘Popular’ [from ‘Wicked’] in the voice of a chicken. I knew that she was hilarious. I don’t know that America knows that yet because ‘Smash’ was a drama. So I’m excited that America gets to see Megan be funny and hilarious and a way they’ve never seen her be before,” he said.

Megan Hilty and Sean Hayes return to Sean Saves the World on January 2, 2014.