Obamacare #GetCovered Spelling Error Sparks Funny Twitter Responses

As part of the President’s efforts to salvage the troubled Obamacare legislation, the White House tweeted a photo of Obama holding a sign to promote the #GetCovered campaign.

#GetCovered was a social media campaign launched before the Obamacare rollout in which celebrity supporters made the case for the President’s legislation. The original #GetCovered tweet shows a smiling President holding a sign that says, “Nobody should go broke just because they get sick!”

The problem is one of the Obamacare signs tweeted by the White House in their effort to promote the Affordable Care Act has a grammatical error. Many are calling it a typo, but it really isn’t a typo. The sign reads:

“GET COVERED: Because it’ll give your mom piece of mind.”

Did you find the error?

Anyone can make a mistake, but when a President who is already damaged by the disastrous rollout of Obamacare makes a public appeal, one could hope everyone is checking for spelling errors. Critics wonder how the government will be able to handle the healthcare for 310 million Americans when they can’t even spell a word correctly on a sign.

Unfortunately for the White House and the President, the spelling error in the Obamacare sign posted on Twitter has created more funny tweets, and many users are displaying their creativity to make us all chuckle.

Take a look at what some folks are calling the “give piece a chance tweet.”

@michellemalkin Wow. This does not bring me any piece…I mean..peace. #GetCovered pic.twitter.com/Lhe8fsXsSa

— BadWolf (@Nickiebrickie) December 12, 2013

You get the idea, it’s funny, but in actuality millions are losing their coverage, and the Healthcare.gov website still has serious issues. The Obamacare #GetCovered spelling error underscores the very difficult time the President is facing as his administration attempts to promote his increasingly unpopular signature legislation.

The frustration that Americans are feeling with the chaos of Obamacare is a serious matter, but one can’t help to laugh at the ridiculousness of the Presidential spelling mistake in what has become a comedy of errors.