Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon reveal baby names

…and they’re just about what you might expect.

New mom Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon have named their newborn twins, a boy and a girl. The latter, Monroe Cannon, has no middle name, but their son has been called Moroccan Scott Cannon. The moniker “Moroccan” was not selected for a particular connection to the country of Morocco nor it’s inhabitants, but is rather a nod to the decor of one of the suite’s in Carey’s Manhattan townhouse.

E! sheds light on the reasoning behind his sister’s name:

As for their daughter, Mariah’s rep confirmed that Monroe was indeed named after Marilyn Monroe, who has long been an inspiration for the singer. Unlike her brother, Monroe does not have a middle name. How come? Well, like mother, like daughter: Mariah doesn’t have one, either.

“Scott” was chosen as it is Cannon’s middle name, as well as the maiden name of his grandmother.