Inside Llewyn Davis’ Oscar Isaac Sings Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ With Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Oscar Isaac covers 'Roar'

If Oscar Isaac doesn’t capture your hearts as the anti-hero in the Coen Bros latest and possibly their most heart-warming flick Inside Llewyn Davis, then his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show will surely do the trick.

During Isaac’s appearance, Fallon hands the actor a guitar to strum out a real folk song. Using a line from the new film as a starting point, Oscar sang a song that was never new and never gets old, and then went into a folk version of Katy Perry’s chart topping song “Roar.”

Fallon was so amused that he couldn’t help himself from jumping in on the song for a folk-y duet. Isaac, who has an incredibly strong presence in the film as both actor and singer, admitted to Fallon that he had a few different bands while growing up, but nothing quite like the music he recorded for Inside Llewyn Davis.

During an interview with indieWIRE, Isaac spoke about the preparation he had to go through to become a once not-so famous folk singer:

“I started playing in little clubs and cafes in the village and standing up, one man with a guitar in front of a crowd, it’s intense. And to balance the emotional connection to the songs with the generous storytelling aspect of folk music and then again with then again with the character.”

Isaac continued to talk about the band past he mentioned on Fallon’s show during his interview with indieWIRE:

“I was in bands but they were punk bands and you plug in guitars, and you turn them up really loud, you’ve got four or five other people on stage with you, you’ve got some protection from when they throw lighters. You can always hide behind the lead singer or the bass player. But I hadn’t really done this solo stuff until really about a year or two before I even got the audition.”

Going by the film and Oscar’s Jimmy Fallon appearance, it’s safe to say that the actor nailed it.