The Inquisitr Console Game Of The Year 2013

David Cornell

The Game of the Year 2013 awards are here. Instead of going by opinions or votes (because The Inquisitr has no voting system), we have chosen this year's potential winners according to Metacritic scores. That's how the industry publishers do it, and it's only fair and logical that we take the same route.

Keep in mind that what we consider to be a video game is something interactive with a specific goal in mind and a level of challenge. Flower for PS4 is the top-rated title, but it's not technically a game. The critic ratings are a number out of 100 while user ratings are out of ten. We took the user ratings and multiplied them by ten and then calculated an average for the most accurate results.

Here is a recap of the console Game of the Year 2013 award winners for this year:

If you have been keeping track of the numbers, you already know what the top three games for this year will be. Third Place is held by GTA 5 for Xbox 360. Tied at Second Place are the Nintendo console winners Super Mario 3D World and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

The winner of The Inquisitr's 2013 Console Game of the Year is The Last of Us for PlayStation 3. Naughty Dog apparently did the right thing retooling the game after an early demo created lackluster hype leading up to the game's release.

Do you agree with our results, or was there a game you thought deserved at least a console win?

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